4 reasons why people don’t save and invest - and why you should do it anyway
Written by Heather Mitchell on 16th July 2019
Everyone should save and invest a percentage of their earnings.


Because if you don’t, you are not maximising as much value as you can from life. (I know that’s a big statement, but it’s true.)

Say you receive......
How Spending Money is Like Eating
Written by Heather Mitchell on 17th July, 2019
On first glance, how you spend your money and how you eat seem completely different things. But, if you look at it a different way, your Spending Habits are very much like your Eating Habits.

Here’s what I mean.

Each little cake that you eat won’t show...
4 Steps to Squeeze More Value Out of Each Day
Written by Heather Mitchell on 18th July, 2019
Like most things in life, there’s both an easy way and a hard way to do things.

Let’s take earning and saving money. Most people weren’t taught about money management, so, though no fault of their own, they are opting for the hard way.

Many people...
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